We are not called to heal the world. We are called to strategically invade a community one at a time. Our focus state is Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

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On Adoption

Children did not sign up to come into the world. The choice of adults introduces children to earth. To an extent, a child is a victim because they don’t have control of his/her necessary experience. Children must find HOMES to REST in the arms of parents. No child should struggle to find a connection with family.

Adoption is a necessary instrument for adults to always consider. As children must find homes to rest. NO child should struggle to find a connection with family units. 

Talk to us now! We can assist you with the process in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. 

On Cancer

It is important for a child’s health, well-being and coping skills to be optimally developed before he/she hits adolescence. For a better experience as a Nation, there is work to be done especially with CHILDREN. A huge difference exist between cancer types and their survival rates.  

Generally, childhood cancers have a more successful treatment rate with a larger proportion of children cured compared with adult cancers.

The difference is thought to be because childhood cancer are more responsive to therapy and a child can tolerate more intensive therapy when necessary.

At Sam Anwana Foundation, we are willing to pay the price to see child cancer defeated at a level.


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